What Oodon’s About

Online fandom is fragmented. Fans travel unfathomable lengths to reach the nerdy content they crave, the geeky merch they dig, and friends who share the same passions. Well, no more!

We’re creating a new ecosystem dedicated to fandom that has all the nerdy content, commerce and community we love in a single destination, nerdular.com.

Introducing Oodon’s Community Partner Program

Fandoms revolve around Brands. Our customers are here to see you. Let us help you meet their greatest superfan expectations. Aggregate your fragmented content and merchandise onto one page, amplifying your brand. 

Partner with Oodon for opportunities to drive increased awareness and sales. Our Community Partner Program provides early access to a first-of-its-kind platform and direct access to our highly engaged and diverse audience. Email us at gamemaster@nerdular.com for more info.


Program Details

What You Get:

  • Premium Site position for 6 months.

  • Sponsorship of Oodon’s fandom influencer roundtables and launch event

  • Co-branded promotional materials on early promotions and newsletters

  • Exclusive branded content (infographics, reviews, listicles, promotions)

  • Access to engage with Oodon’s influencers and early users.


What We Need:

Engage Your fans:

  • Branded Swag for sweepstakes and giveaways

  • Promotional materials for influencer roundtables

Creative Assets:

  • Profile images: 1500 x 500, 1024 x 576, 180 x 180

  • 16-20 URL-based pieces of content or merchandise (title, description, images) including videos, blog posts, instagram images, podcast episodes, geeky merch, etc.

Spread the Word:

  • Letter of Intent

  • 10 social media posts tagging @OodonPop

Peek at Oodon's Design

Discover (Home) Page


Stand among our curated topics of the day, highlighted creators and sellers, and our other partner brands.

Dedicated Partner Page


On your own dedicated portal page, curate 16-20 pieces of your own branded content and merchandise for users to engage with.

Matrix (Identity) Page


Your Matrix Page is your brand’s profile and identity page. Aggregate an unlimited amount of content and merch from around the web, whether original or reposted.

Content Ideas

Original Art

art card 1

Highlight exclusive or original content right from the source.

Fan videos

video card

Promote video content right from your fans.


merch card 2

Sell swag, your creations or inventory.


image card 1

Share an IG or Imgur image. Or upload your own.


podcast card

Highlight fan-generated or your company’s podcast.


event card

Spread the word about your upcoming event.

We’re looking for a handful of early stage community parterns spanning the spectrum of pop culture: comics, video games, anime/manga, TTG/RPG, CCG, media, cosplay, toys/collectibles. Email us at gamemaster@nerdular.com if you’re interested in starting a conversation.