First 50

By being an Oodon early adopter, you’ll be instrumental in helping us fine-tune our platform and preparing it for public launch. You’ll also be recognized as a pioneer for future members to follow.

What we’d like for you to do is:

1. Register using the link we’ll send you shortly.

2. Create a “profile” page, which we call your Matrix because it’s a matrix of content and merchandise.
3. Add 15+ pieces of your content and merch from whatever site hosts them, regardless of media type. We point Oodon members to your videos, blog posts, images, art, illustrations, podcasts, nerdy music, crowdfunding campaigns, etc.
4. Populate your stream (MyStream) by following other Oodon members and following tags of interest.
5. Give us feedback.

Notes – You can also add content that you didn’t create, although make sure you label it “reposted” as opposed to “original.”

For these sites: eBay, Shopify, YouTube, Deviant Art, Instagram, Imgur, Vimeo, SoundCloud – all you need to do is copy and paste the URL when adding a content or a merch card. The title, image, description, and price will port over. You can edit as you’d like, then add tags and make sure the category is selected, then hit submit.

For sites other than those, you gotta copy and paste the URL, add the images and fill out the other fields. We’ll be connecting to APIs from Tumblr, iTunes, Libsyn, Patreon, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Medium, Storenvy, and others during our next phase to make porting over your content and merch easier.

Add 15+ pieces of content and/or merch, and we’ll designate you as one of the Oodon’s First 50. When we attach our marketplace, we’ll waive your transaction fee (4%) for a full year. We’ll also shower accolades on you, the likes of which you’d never expect.

About a week after you’ve played around with the site, we’ll send you a survey. We’ll be relying heavily on your feedback so please be brutally honest. I’ll also give you my personal cell and email, so you can reach out ANYTIME you’re stuck or have questions, suggestions, advice or just wanna vent.

We can’t thank you enough for signing up and taking a chance on Oodon. Let’s make the world a better place. Join us in building a frakking Never-Ending Comic Con.