How Oodon Works

Whether you’re an avid con-goer or fly your nerd flag from the comfort of your own couch, fandom is in your blood.

Why shouldn’t there be a digital nerd hub where you can create and discover geeky content, buy and sell nerdy merch, and connect and engage with others who share the same passions?

If you’re a cosplayer, illustrator, comic book shop or any other kind of creator or seller, you’ve probably already got a bunch of content plus merch fragmented on the interwebs (Youtube videos, Etsy/eBay/Shopify stores, blog posts, Instagram images, Patreon page, Kickstarter campaign, Twitch page, podcasts, etc.). And you probably added those links to your Facebook profile, Youtube channel, etc.

But how many people actually click all those links to get a bigger picture of what you’re up to?

Why not port all your content onto one identity page AND add your merch to sell, ALL on a platform dedicated to your target audience? Give people a chance to get to know the whole you! Contextualize your selling and amplify your brand!

And for fans of all geeky fandoms, wouldn’t it be great to get your content, commerce and community at one central destination? That’s what we’re crafting: an inclusive community where you can get your geek-on, 24/7.

Help us in our efforts. Be one of our First 50 members. Click the invitation link we’ll send to you, and help us test Oodon so we can prepare for public launch.